In a panic for a thoughtful last minute Mother’s Day Gift? Don’t be, Locatile’s got your back. Just like your mom always does. Click here for some inspired Mother’s Day gift ideas!

Mother. Mom. Mommy. Mama. Mami…

So many names for the person in our life who is our biggest cheerleader, our protector, our safe place and our home. Many cultures have tens if not hundreds of words to describe concepts that are important to their way of life. Did you know the Inuit’s have dozens of words for snow?

And not just words, but feelings. The word ‘Mom’ alone can evoke many emotions. Because at one point in time she was the center of your universe. And you will always be the center of hers. 

There are also so many different ways one can become a mother. There is the obvious way, the way most will think of first, which is through the agonizingly beautiful way of one growing inside another, but there are so many other beautiful and selfless ways for someone to become ‘Mom’. We have Aunts who can step into the role as mother when needed. There are Stepmothers out there who have forsaken so much to make our lives a little (or a lot) better. There are foster moms and adoptive moms and neighbors and grandmothers and teachers and friends… and the list goes on. So many selfless women who see a void and step up to fill it. 

So. As we approach the holiday that keeps the U.S. Postal Service as busy as Christmas and Easter, help celebrate that special woman in your life. The calendar keeper, the captain of the ship, the one who knows where your black soccer shorts (the Adidas ones, NOT the Nike ones) are, and the only one who remembers where the small scar on your knee came from. Celebrate the women who know best how to soothe an ache, whether it be on your body or in your heart. 

As the day draws nearer and you realize you haven’t found the perfect gift yet, turn away from something quick and impersonal and look to Locatile to honor the unique woman you get to call ‘Mom’. There are so many different and wonderful items right here in our own community! Our own shop proprietors have hand selected some wonderful ideas from their shops, all you have to do is browse in the comfort of your own home. Check out all the shops here! Just put “Mother’s Day” in the search box and get to shopping! Select local pick up at check out and you’re set!

She’s put so much thought into you, put a little into her Mother’s Day gift to show her how important she is!

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