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What could we do? This question is where Locatile started.  After reading posts from local businesses struggling during the pandemic, Sara + Dan Hartke wondered if there was something they could do to help during this difficult time. While brainstorming ways to help, they thought of an online marketplace to shift online sales from big box retail to local businesses.  The next day they reached out to friends and quickly coordinated a meeting with Sam and Scott LeRette and Erin McElroy.  The group knew they had something special and needed to work quickly to provide relief to businesses before it was too late.  Dan, Erin and Scott took the essence of that initial question and formed a company and Locatile was born. Using their individual and combined strengths in business, operations and marketing, they tapped into their resources and started building Locatile brick by virtual brick!


Locatile is a trio of conscientious entrepreneurs on a mission to support local brick + mortar boutique shops by providing an online e-commerce website that unites local businesses on a single platform while making it easy for consumers to shop locally online. 
Spending locally keeps the lights on, it keeps local people employed and owners able to keep going. Yet there are barriers and hurdles that prevent local shoppers from spending more funds in local businesses. It’s either lack of knowledge of local store offerings or where they are located, or the lack of time or willingness to shop in person due to the pandemic, which is an added deterrent. Plus spending habits are trending online and many small shops don’t offer e-commerce.  

No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.

P.T. Barnum

Locatile is a startup company whose focus is putting service before profit. 


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