Meet Scott

Scott has been a successful member of the restaurant industry in the McHenry County area since he joined Buffalo Wild Wings in Algonquin in 2006.  He began as a server, transitioned to a bartender, and proved himself ready and willing to manage. 

Scott developed a loyal customer base and continued developing a successful restaurant business; he was named Manager of the Year in April 2012.  Scott excelled within the organization and was promoted to Assistant General Manager, General Manager within months and was quickly encouraged to apply for a Regional Management position.  In 2014, Scott began his role as a Regional Manager for the Buffalo Wild Wings franchise where he was able to review the full operation and focus his efforts with a business mindset.  In this capacity, he operated as a supervisor, a mentor, and a true partner with both the staff and customers. Business thrived under Scott’s leadership. 

After Buffalo Wild Wings was purchased by corporate in 2019, he found his true passion for working with small businesses with operations in mind and his surrounding community.  Scott’s most recent work has been with Julie Ann’s Frozen Custard in Crystal Lake.  At the forefront of Scott’s experience is his ability to put customers and their needs first.  With his operations mind he is able to take a step back, guide business owners toward maximizing profits while maintaining a quality product and supporting their customers and community.

Scott’s extensive background in training as well as onboarding of employees and utilization of inventory systems and point of purchase expertise is a huge part of his role at Locatile. He translates his years in the hospitality industry to support merchants on Locatile, so they can build an online sales channel with ease and confidence. He’s a great partner and resource to our merchants.

Scott currently resides in Crystal Lake, Illinois with his wife, Samantha, and his six-year old son, Casey. The LeRette family is growing with a baby on the way.  Scott enjoys camping, a good barbecue and friendly games of poker with friends.

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